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In the Spotlight: Charith Sathsara’s Remarkable Journey at MadHack 2.0

Can you please introduce yourself and describe your role within the team of MadHack 2.0?

I am Charith Sathsara, a Computer Science undergraduate at UCSC and currently a Software Engineer Intern at Pagero. Within the Code Duo team during MadHack 2.0, I played a crucial role in developing the back-end services and establishing connections between the back end and front end of our UniGo Mobile Application.

Could you provide a brief description of the project that your team worked on during MadHack 2.0?

UniGo is like a helpful friend for university students. It’s a mobile app made to give students all the info they need in one place. You can find details about your degree, subjects, important announcements, upcoming events, and cool clubs at your university.

UniGo aims to make university life smoother by putting all the essential info in one app. Whether you’re checking out your degree options, staying in the loop with announcements, planning for events, or looking to join clubs, UniGo is there to make it simple and keep everyone connected.

In a nutshell, UniGo is more than just an app – it’s like a buddy that makes university life a bit easier and more fun for students. The easy-to-use design and modern tech in UniGo make it a handy tool for students as they go through their university journey.

What motivated your team to participate in MadHack 2.0?

The hackathon was a great opportunity to work together, be creative, and use our technical skills to solve real problems. We were excited to contribute something useful to our university community and showcase what we could do as a team.

MadHack 2.0 became a platform where we could turn our ideas into solutions, and the shared goal of making a positive impact kept us inspired and energized throughout the event.

How did participating in MadHack 2.0 contribute to your personal or professional growth, and what valuable lessons did your team learn?

Participating in MadHack 2.0 significantly contributed to both my personal and professional growth. On a personal level, the experience sharpened my problem-solving skills and taught me how to thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. Professionally, working on UniGo enhanced my technical proficiency, particularly in backend development, and expanded my understanding of project management.

Our team learned the importance of effective communication and adaptability during MadHack 2.0. Collaboration was key, and we discovered that combining diverse skills leads to innovative solutions. Embracing challenges became a source of growth, and the iterative nature of development taught us to value continuous improvement. Overall, MadHack 2.0 provided a holistic learning experience, shaping not just our technical abilities but also our teamwork and problem-solving capabilities.

For those considering participating in this year’s MadHack 3.0, what aspects of your experience would you highlight to encourage them to get involved?

If you’re thinking about joining MadHack 3.0, I highly encourage you to jump in! Our experience was more than just coding; it was a journey filled with creativity, teamwork, and learning. MadHack is not just a hackathon; it’s an opportunity to innovate and make a real impact. The excitement of creating something meaningful makes it a truly valuable experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this fantastic journey where you can grow both personally and professionally!

We placed third with just two people on the team. This achievement shows that even a small team can achieve great things when working together towards a common goal.

Is there anything else you would like to add or share about your experience in MadHack 2.0?

We want to extend our sincere appreciation to the IEEE Student Branch of UCSC for organizing MadHack 2.0. Your efforts provided us with a valuable opportunity to showcase our skills, collaborate, and make a meaningful impact. Thank you for creating a platform that fosters innovation, learning, and community engagement.

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