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RealHack 5.0: Let’s Hear It from the Chief Organizer

Can you please introduce yourself as the organizer of RealHack 5.0?

Hello everyone, I’m Sachin Tharaka, the president of the Software Engineering Students’ Association (SESA) at the University of Kelaniya. I am delighted to welcome you to RealHack 5.0, our flagship event that stands as a testament to innovation, collaboration, and the spirit of technology enthusiasts.

RealHack 5.0, the annual inter-university hackathon, is organized by the Software Engineering Students’ Association in collaboration with the IEEE Student Branch of the University of Kelaniya.

The Software Engineering Students’ Association is composed of undergraduate students enrolled in the BSc(Hons) in Software Engineering program at the Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya. Launched by the Faculty of Science in 2014, this program is Sri Lanka’s first-ever Software Engineering degree program. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on foundational knowledge and skills in Software Engineering during the first two years.

Following this, students can specialize in various areas such as Net-centric Applications, Digital Gaming and Animation, Business Intelligence Systems, Health Informatics, Mobile Computing, and Business Engineering. SESA members are not only dedicated to their academic pursuits but also actively contribute to organizing various annual events at the University, establishing the association as one of the most dynamic student bodies in the Faculty of Science. Founded with a vision to cultivate innovative leaders, knowledge seekers, and problem solvers in the realm of Software Engineering, SESA is committed to contributing to the betterment of humanity. Beyond academic boundaries, the association serves as a social platform for students to interact with each other and engage with lecturers, fostering unity and harmony within the academic community.

What’s the idea behind this Hackathon?

The concept behind RealHack 5.0 is to create a dynamic platform for tech-savvy undergraduates from across Sri Lanka. This hackathon serves as a space for participants to showcase their creativity and excellence in Software Engineering. The primary goal is to foster collaboration, encourage participants to overcome challenges, and collectively elevate programming standards. RealHack 5.0 is essentially a celebration of innovation, learning, and collaborative problem-solving within our community.

Could you describe the theme on which this Hackathon is based?

The theme of RealHack 5.0 encourages participants to develop solutions addressing current challenges while emphasizing adaptability in an ever-evolving technological landscape. We aim to foster innovation that extends beyond immediate needs, focusing on building robust, future-proof solutions.

What makes this event stand out from the rest?

RealHack 5.0 distinguishes itself through its rich history, beginning with RealHack 1.0 in 2018 and evolving through subsequent editions. Notably, RealHack 3.0 in 2021-2022 marked a significant moment as our flagship event post the Covid-19 pandemic, adhering to strict health guidelines. Building on the success of RealHack 4.0, RealHack 5.0 our annual inter-university hackathon stands out for its legacy of enthusiastic participation. Crafted by esteemed judges, the event features challenging questions to ensure a rewarding experience for participants.

The grand finale and award ceremony at the University of Kelaniya unfolds over two days, creating a unique and memorable experience. RealHack 5.0 holds the distinction of being the first 24-hour hackathon organized after the pandemic, adding to its significance.

Is there anything you would like to say to participants?

To all participants of RealHack 5.0, I would like to extend a warm welcome and express our excitement to witness your innovative ideas and coding prowess. Embrace the spirit of collaboration, share insights, and push the boundaries of your creativity. And this hackathon is not just a competition; it’s an opportunity to learn, network, and contribute to the ever-evolving field of Software Engineering. Best of luck to all participants!

For more info visit: realhack.lk

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